Brand Guidelines

ScutOps brand is more than just a name. It’s a set of values, attributes, and artwork that reflects the spirit of our company. Using it consistently will reinforce our passion and commitment towards all that we stand for and is a necessity for our brand identity .


Don’t combine the ScutOps name or logos, or any portion of any of them, with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms. Please don’t edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor the logo.

ScutOps Logo


Use this whenever possible.

I have read and agree to the usage guidelines.


Black & White

Use this with content that’s primarily black and white.

I have read and agree to the usage guidelines.



ScutOps incorporates a set of colors throughout the logo and app. Please use the following colors accordingly.

Logo Guideline Sheet

Naming Usage

Never modify or abbreviate the name “ScutOps.” The “S” and second “O” in ScutOps are always capitalized. Keep “ScutOps” as a single word.

ScutOps is a single word and follows proper capitalization
Never split ScutOps into two words and always use the correct capitalization