♦ How do I book the service?

Placing an Order for Service

  1. Contact our Support Team at support@himastech.com or call us at +91 8281 12 0484 or 0484 2 101 911
  2. Tell What You need help with today
  3. On confirmation we will be sending you the link for making the initial payment.
  4. Your Professional would reach you location in an hour.

♦ How is the Price Calculated?

We at ScutOps follow a very simple pricing scheme. Our pricing structure is based on the total duration of the service. We charge our service on an hourly basis, and we round it off to the next immediate quarter of the hour, incase the service is not a whole hour transaction. For the pricing structure visit our About Us page. Still confused? Here are a few estimate samples.

For a Cleaning Service that Lasted 2 hours and 8 minutes :
Rate Per Hour : 157/hour
Rounding off of Total Work Duration = 2hours 15mins (2.25hrs)
Total = 157*2.25 = 353.25+taxes

♦ What is Included in Cleaning Services?

Our cleaning crew are trained to efficiently do daily cleaning activities like mopping the floors, dusting, and sanitizing bathrooms. What all to perform on a given day is upto the customer.

Bedrooms, Kitchen, Drawing/Dining and Hallway

♦ What Is not Included in Cleaning?

♦ What Is Included in Cooking Services?

Non Specialized Cooking

♦ What Is not Included in Cooking?

♦ What time the ScutOp Professionals can visit your location?

Our Services are open 6 days (Mon-Sat) a week from 7 am – 6.00 pm

♦ Can I request a Professionals Service for the same day?

The answer would be “Yes”. We are an On Demand Domestic Help Service and thats what we are here for. You can request a professionals service till 4.00 pm everyday since our work time ends at 6.00 pm

♦ Can I pre book or schedule the service?

Yes. We support that facility too. You are free to book or schedule the service upto one month in advance.

♦ Can I have the same Professional visiting my premises?

Yes, we do support that based on the condition that the person does not have a clash in their slots with the existing works and if its not the off day for the personnel.

♦ What if I’m not satisfied with the service rendered by a professional?

If you are not satisfied with any of the service our professionals rendered. You could contact our customer support at and a QA professional will be visiting your premises under 30 minutes to take stock of the situation and would be solving your issues. But we are sure our professionals will render you a service that is more than satisfactory.

We do not offer refunds but, we offer free of cost service until you are satisfied with the service.

♦ What if I want to Re Schedule or Cancel a service?

You can cancel the service without any charges upto 2 hours prior to the service. But will have to pay a cancellation fee of Rs 100 if you are cancelling it under 2 hours to the service.

♦ What are the background verification’s we perform?

We perform a holistic check on a person by partnering with a industry leader in the segment. What all we check?

Every Professional in the Platform is subjected to the above criterias and if and only if they pass these criterias , they are inducted into the platform.

♦ Have more questions?

We would be more than happy to answer all your questions. Please feel free to write to us at support@scutops.com or call us between 9am – 5pm