Benefits of ScutOps Service


ScutOps Professions are Trained to impart all the skills they need to deliver you a Quality Service. Periodical Analytics & Perfomance based trainings are imparted to these professionals to better their service and increase the productivity for customers.


We perform Rigorous BAckground Verification procedures to ensure your safety completely thus ensuring a Professional & Secure Service. Verify each ScutOps Professionals' Credentials yourself through our system.


Affordable for every household. At just Rs 157/hr, affordability for all households is our primary concern.


Our service is available on all 7 days of the week and you dont have to worry anymore about not getting a service on a day which you are free or available at your home/office. Book a ScutOps Professional for any day between 07:00 HRS to 19:00 HRS.


One of a Kind Dynamic Pricing Policy, by this Unique Policy we have an Hourly Model of Pricing wherein a Customer is billed only for the total duration of work rendered at their location. Through which we are able to ensure that Customers do not end up paying a dime more than they have to.


A Service which give you 100% Satisfaction is our aim. All ScutOps Professionals work towards doing the service to the best of your satisfaction and via our monitoring system you can ensure that the end result of the service is exactly what you wanted to.


Accountability is something which lacks in this ecosystem of work and with ScutOps we bridge the gap in this sphere. Our team ensures that the Professionals does their job with utmost professionalism and personal conduct. Accidental damages are also covered via the platform.


In this Digital Cashless age, we provide you the comfort of making payments directly via your Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Paytm Wallets. The platform is 100% Digital ensuring a Transparent and Convenient System for payments.


Our Dedicated Customer Support Team works for you to ensure that necessary support is extended to you to have the best and most comfortable service rendered every single time.

Know ScutOps

Verified Domestic Helps

Every ScutOps Professional undergoes scrutunizing procedures to ensure that they do not have any crime/offeces in their name and have a satisfactory Background.

Trained Professionals!

ScutOps arranges Specialised Training to enhance Etiquette, Skills & Professionalism. Thus ensuring all customers benefit and receive a quality service every single time.

Reliable Professionals!

Also with ScutOps Platform a customer is given back the power to choose when they need a service without having to worry about reliability and embrace themselves from any maid walkouts.

Internet Based Technology Platform

An Internet-based Technology Platform which facilitates the interaction between a customer and service provider. We play no middlemen but give both the customer and domestic help a platform to interact with certain sets of accountability and guarantees for both the parties. ScutOps is a Platform like no other. A service launched to the bridge the gap between demand and supply for an affordable and secure domestic help service. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with a guaranteed service which is high in its security aspect of all domestic helps, professionalism, and affordability

Not a Maid Agency!

We are not a domestic help agency that supplies personnel on monthly basis. ScutOps is an On Demand Domestic Help Platform and a Social Enterprise rolled out to make some positive impacts into the domestic help ecosystem by bringing down exploitation on both the customer and service providers. We are a one point stop for the customers to find Professional Domestic Helps and for the Professionals to Render their Service to Customers.

Currently in ╬▓eta

ScutOps Beta is a pilot program before the launch of Mobile Application into the market to analyse and understand the needs of a customer. In the Beta phase the ScutOps service is rolled out into the market as an offiline telephonic service, where a customer can request for a ScutOp Professionals service over our dedicated Phone & Whatsapp Channels and experience the ScutOpsian Way of doing things

Social Responsibility

ScutOps Service is not just a business but an earnest attempt to give more stability to the lives of every domestic help in the platform.

Being a part of ScutOps; while fulfilling your requirements you are also supporting the efforts of these professionals to attain a better living standard with dignity and honour.